Trying to find a used Super Chexx…

Isn’t too easy. I’ve come across 3 of them over the past few months, I let 2 of them slip away because I couldn’t figure out how to go there and ship them. This 3rd one is only about 3 hours away, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s worth it, it’s an original Chexx, not the super with some major blemishes, but it’s fully working. Here’s a pic.

Original Chexx

Hey Dome Hockey Fans!

Another lame attempt at a bubble hockey fan site. They don’t seem to last long! I’ve been consumed the last few months trying to get a Super Chexx, I’ve come close twice but each time I’ve lost out at the last minute while trying to figure out how to ship the monstrocity. Anyway, the goal here, no pun intended, is to blog the purchase, refurb and eventual tweaking that I plan to do with whichever Super Chexx unit out there I end up with! Happy reading.

Custom Player Painting

I’ve been playing with different paints and techniques to try and come up with a durable, slick looking player. This one isn’t quite finished but it’s loosely based on the Bruins away uniforms. Note the hairy chest, beard and slightly blackened left eye. The stick isn’t done and you can see some chipping on the back of the jersey from one of the paints that wasn’t so durable. Once I get him done and few coats of clear lacquer should make him really shine.

Experimental player painting 101.

Experimental player painting 101.

Experimental player painting 101.

Experimental player painting 101.

Raspberry Pi

Have you seen one of these? It’s an open source $30 computer. With a little Python code and some basic wiring thru its GPIO port I plan to rig this to the Super Chexx to detect when a goal is scored and play an mp3 like a horn from any of the NHL team arenas. If I can get it working I’m going to really geek it out and try to install some left-over iPhone cameras that are running a 5 second loop which the Python script will grab after a score. The idea being to make a instant replay of the last 5 seconds to show the goal. I’d like to redo the score board to include a small LCD so I can play the clips on the new board.