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  1. sportsanchor

    Hello – I am considering purchasing the Miracle on Ice upgrade kit through “Ice”. The USA and CCCP players don’t have the names and numbers painted on their backs because if licensing issues. It appears by the pictures you can put the names and numbers on. If I buy the kit through “Ice”, can I mail the players to you to have the names and numbers put on their backs? How much would that cost?


  2. adminman Post author

    Hey Brent, I did those with this kit;


    The white jerseys are easier because you can use clear decals and just put the name and number on them, the red jerseys were tougher because you have to match the red and then use the white decal part as the name and number. The white doesn’t come thru as bright, I’ll post a picture of the soviets. They still turned out pretty good but perhaps it would take 2 decals on top of each other for the white to really brighten up.

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